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3 Tips to Remembering Names

What's the secret to remembering names? Is there one trick or way to do this? Well, yes and no.
Yes, I know a few tricks and different ways that you can remember names, but is it a secret? Absolutely, not. It just takes practice and as I've learned, remembering names is a skill. Like any other skill, you can develop and strengthen it, you just need to have a desire to do so!
There is power in remembering names. It's a skill that when you put to use, can create trust in just a moments notice and I've even used it as a party trick. Here are 3 ways, you can strengthen your skill:
This is the first step in remembering a person’s name—actually, in remembering anything. You need create an impression of them in your mind. This means, you need to pay attention and notice the details about them, their characteristics and the information that they give us.
We must keep in mind that what we really want to do is to remember people-their names are secondary. So it is important to give people your total attention, become genuinely interested in them and want to remember them. Truly listen to what they say, rather then think about "what will I respond back with?"
When someone gives us their phone number and tells us to call them, we typically recite it a few times as then we either write it down or store it in our smartphones. 
When we need to remember something for a short period, reciting it a few times helps engrave it into our short term memory. If performed over a longer time period, the concept or activity begins to form into a habit.
The same principle applies when remembering names. Repeating the name you are trying to remember helps cement it in your short term memory. Daily refresh of the name over longer periods of time will put the name in your long term memory. Quick tip, when you meet the person try repeating their name a few times even in conversation. Don't make it awkward, just natural.
This third step is probably the strongest and fastest step to remember something. In fact, we do it all of the time. To remember something like a name over a longer period, create some type of association between the thing you want to remember and something you already remember well.
One of the methods in which we coach extensively and encourage participants to use is the Mind Picture. This involves using your imagination to create an exaggerated and colorful image of the person in a particular environment. As Dale Carnegie explains:
…Paint a mind picture of the person whose name you which to remember doing something that reminds you of the person’s name. Have the face and body of the person you wish to remember in the picture so that, when the picture comes to mind, you get both the face and the name. Be sure that the picture is absurd and exaggerated and that it depicts motion.
As mentioned before, there are other ways to create an association for remembering a person’s name, but none are as versatile or as strong as using the Mind Picture association.
After you've tried these steps out, reach out to me and let me know how it went! Remember, its a skill not a trick. Practice will make permanent. (Perfect practice makes perfectly permanent.)

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